Guide for New Recruits

The Geneva Conventions set forth the conditions for the recognition of legitimate militia organizations

ANNEX TO THE CONVENTION : Regulations respecting the laws and customs of war on land
Section I : On belligerents 
Chapter I : The qualifications of belligerents
Article 1. The laws, rights, and duties of war apply not only to armies, but also to militia and volunteer corps fulfilling the following conditions: 
1. To be commanded by a person responsible for his subordinates;
2. To have a fixed distinctive emblem recognizable at a distance;
3. To carry arms openly; and
4. To conduct their operations in accordance with the laws and customs of war.

In order to fulfill these conditions we ask you to do the following:

  • Obtain a suitable uniform and purchase the appropriate rank and insignia patches see LFMS-01-07A “Uniform Standards”.
  • If you have experience you feel would benefit others in the militia, please step up and ask to be considered for an officer position.
  • When participating in any militia activity, you will openly bear only legal arms and accessories. When in active service, if called up by your Governor, you will obey the laws of war.

Uniform & Equipment

There is a lot of equipment that you’ll eventually want to have. It is not required on day one, and for many takes months, or even years to aquire and fine tune your kit. Start with the basics: IFAK, uniform, boots and a rifle. View the essential and suggested equipment.

Be Safe

At all times, members are expected to conduct themselves in a safe and reasonable manner. Review the Firearms Safety rules and suggestions. UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES will drug or alcohol use be tolerated at any time when firearms are present.