Firearm Qualifications

Proficency with firearms is essential, and we encourage members to qualify with each firearm they intend to use in militia service.

Basic Marksmanship Qualification Test

The Basic Marksmanship Qualification Test is to ensure militiamen are safe with his weapon and does not endanger himself or others, is confident in the function of his weapon and be able to apply basic marksmanship principles. The militiamen must know and demonstrate the following:

  • Must know the four safety rules for all weapons.
  • Must field strip and assemble their weapon for repair and cleaning.
  • Must demonstrate the loading, clearing and malfunction drills.
  • Must hit eight out of ten shots on a 8-1/2x11 inch target at 50 yards
    • One reload will be required after the 5th round (two mags with 5 rds each).
    • Total time is 5 min.

Militia Marksmanship Qualification Test

Once a member has passed the Basic Marksmanship Qualification Test, they are encouraged to take the Militia Marksmanship Qualification Test (MMQ). See section LFMS-03-05 ‘The ?MMQ?’ for more information about the MMQ.