General membership in the militia is open to all lawful citizens of a state, ages 16 and up. There shall be no discrimination due to race, sex, national origin or physical characteristics.

Familiarize yourself with the standards

As a Light Foot battalion, we base our operations on the Militia Standards and Principles of the Light Foot. We expect participants to be familiar with these standards, and abide by the guidelines set forth therein. Please download and print a copy. You’re not expected to memorize it, but at least familiarize yourself with it before attending your first meeting, especially the Statement of Ethics/Mission Statement section on page 1, and the Duty and Code of Conduct on page 3.

Vetting Process

All prospective members must submit an application online. This information will help us to determine elegibility and appropriate role in the unit. Submitting an application does not constitute membership in the militia. After submitting an application and eledgibility is determined, prospects will be required to participate in a short virtual interview (typically via Zoom) with the battalion staff. This is an opportunity for us to get to know you, and for you to ask any questions.

Apply to join

Attend New Recruit Training

We conduct a three-part virtual training session for potential recruits. New Recruit Training covers the basic requirements for militia participation, including safety, uniforms, equipment, and expectations. Download and print the Core Training Card prior to attending. New Recruit Training is conducted via zoom, and is required prior to attending meetings or Field Training Excercises. Note: all participants are expected to have a VIDEO and AUDIO connection enabled, and participate in the meetings.

Attend a meeting

We ask new recruits to attend one of the public monthly meeting before they attend any of our Field Training Excercises (FTX). At the meeting you will have an opportunity to meet others, introduce yourself to the the officers, and ask questions. We meet on the first Tuesday of each month in Meridian, at 7pm. Because the meetings are held on private property, we disclose the location to prospective members upon completion of the application and vetting interview.

Enlist in the unit

All prospective members shall be required to give their name, date of birth, address,contact information, next of kin and general information detailing prior military experience and/or other such skills as may be utilized by the militia.

Additionally, at the time of enlistment, prospective members shall be required to provide proof of a background check, or show a current CCWP issued by the State of Idaho.


As a new recruit, you are not expected to show up in a “full kit” on day one. Take a deeper look at the Militia Standards and Principles of the Light Foot document, and familiarize yourself with the equipment that you’ll need. You don’t need everything right away, pick up gear as you can afford it, and as you learn what works for you and what doesn’t. The only ABSOLUTE MUST HAVE is an Individual First Aid Kit (IFAK), that someone else can use to treat YOU if you’re wounded. This is required to be ON YOUR PERSON at all times during an FTX.


We encourage everyone to train as often as possible. Our monthly FTX is one opportunity, but individuals, and small teams should ideally be training once or twice per week! As you attend meetings and trainings, you’ll meet others who live close to you; we encourage you to train together as a small group. Learn more about Training

Get involved

Beyond the basic requirements of an enlisted militiamen, we there are many ways to contribute. These opportunities range from teaching a class or conducting a training, helping to recruit at local meetings, and assisting during events. If you have something to contribute, speak up.