You’re only as good as your last training session!

Though our monthly Field Training Excercises (FTX) are a good opportunity to train together, it is imperative that you train individually and in small groups. Train as often as you can!

Training by yourself

There are plenty of training opportunities that can be done individually. These include physical fitness training, dry-fire, communications, and many others. We encourage everyone to create their own personal training calendar, and stick to it.

Train with a small group

Small groups are the foundation of the militia. Once you’ve met a few others in your AO, train together. This can include anything from communicating using hand signals, self defense, live-fire excercises, convoy logistics, first aid, survival, or anything that your group feels is missing. We encourage each small team to create a team training calendar, and stick to it.

Field Training Excercises (FTX)

The FTX is our monthly opportunity to meet and train together. FTX objectives will be agreed upon at the unit meetings and dates, times and required gear will be provided by the XO. We generally conduct FTX on the third Saturday of each month.

Most FTX trainings invlove live fire excercises, and all participants ARE REQUIRED to have an Individual First Aid Kit (IFAK) be ON THEIR PERSON at all times during an FTX. The objectives of the FTX follow our batallion training schedule.

At most FTX recruits will have the opportunity to quaify with their weapon. The Basic Marksmanship Qualification Test is a prerequisate to all other FTX activities that envolve firearms. Find out more about Firearms Qualifications.

Train Others

We encourage everyone who can to lead a training at least once per year. If you have something that you think would benefit others, please speak up. Everyone has something that they can contribute.